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The characters are lovely, like,  ALL of the characters, really.

the interactions and thoughts of Kim are so funny, made me laugh a lot. Also love so much how he really is aware of his flaws and tries to become a better person,

Shane is that character that I really wish was my friend, she's so fun and cute and awesome <3

Ayumu is adorable, his route will probably be the first one I'll play once the full game is out, also he's got style haha

Marco, well, what can I even say about him besides HE IS SO DAMN PERFECT that smile of his is bad for my heart seriously!!

Terry was that guy that I didn't really like much at first, I don't know why (don't think I actually had a reason anyway), my curiosity was picked when the previous relationship between him and Kim was adressed, and this little gamer boy got my heart in the end of the demo when you get his route and he says he wishes to help Kim get better and all <3 such a cute kind-hearted soul

the music is good, the story is awesome, the art is great, the only cg in the demo is just BEAUTIFUL, I am really glad I played this. Really, really loved it, looking forward for the full game!

Love the Demo can´t wait to see more <3

is this BL only, or can you romance the girls too?

Dear & Mine is BL only :)

So far it's great!! Only problem I've been having is that I'm unable to save... Gets a bit annoying

Ah, yes, it's a known bug of the engine. I'm planning to redo the demo and release the full game in a more stable engine!

This is amazing. Such a great idea, can't wait for the release of the full game. :) 

I Really want to know more about the relationship of Kim and Terry ;=;

Do you have any plans for this game to have voices for the characters? And if so, would I be able to audition?

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I enjoyed the demo! The music and backgrounds all have a nice feel, and I really liked getting to know the characters a bit :D. It's really interesting to have a protagonist who is  trying to take control of his life and improve himself as a person, and it's refreshing to actually see such a character really talk out at least a few of his issues. 

I did have one question, because I know this varies a bit game to game, but is the route decided by just one or two decisions, or by a combination of  multiple decisions throughout the game? Both options have their strengths, obviously, I'm just curious.

Thanks for sharing this story!

The demo is promising, it's so touching for clarifying the taboo of kink... Keep up the great work ;) (y)

I hope more gets added soon <3 Really like everything about it so far and really cant wait for more, and luckily it looks like I may have just gotten into this game in time for you to return from a pretty long Haitus. :)


so it's been forever and still not done, has the project been cancelled?

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soooo... Is this game still a project or it is no longer on development..?

Because I'm willing to play the full game! The demo was too good!


sooooo is the full game ever going to be released?

Just checked the demo out, and absolutely loved it. Few games make me want to check out EVERY route, but yours did. Am looking forward to buy the full game when it is available!


why is this tagged as otome? can you play as a girl at all?


Otome games are visual novels romantic in nature directed at a female audience, you don't nessicarily play as a girl.


Eeeh, not really, no. As far as genres go:

Otome = GxB, targeted at women. Yaoi (Boys Love, BL) = BxB, targeted at women (the whole "durhuur, boy on boy is hawt" thing). Bishojo = BxG, targeted at men. Yuri (Girls Love, GL= GxG, targeted at men (ultimately, the whole "durhuur, girl on girl is hawt" thing) Yuri did originate in female-targeted fiction, maaaaany many years ago, but for decades (and to this day) men are the target demographic. Bara (Mens Love, ML) = MxM, targeted at men.

There are further sub genres of each of these listed, but these are the basics.

All that said, nothing prevents anyone outside the target demos from reading/playing whatever they wish, but I'm kind of tired of people using terms incorrectly, and this really should be flagged as yaoi, if anything.


Sorry, but I don't think that's exactly right, otome implies GxB. 

The tag is misleading and other people may end up frustrated not to find what they hope for because of it...

omg, such a great demo! i cant wait for the rest.

wont work for me can you put a zip? really want to play the game!


Here you go:

For the record, 7Zip is a good, free tool to open .rar files, in case you ever find yourself in this situation again. I just used it to unpack the original archive and re-compress it in Zip format.

Hello! I am a translator of renpy games. I would like to know if your game is going to be in Spanish...

And if it is not, I want to ask permission to translate the demo into Spanish.

when will it be oooouuutttt


Really loved the Demo. Beautiful art work, realistic characters, and good back story. Looking forward to the full version.

One thing though, at one point when I went back to load a save, the dialogue wasn't appearing on screen. The sprites would change accordingly, and the names would appear, but no dialogue. Tried reloading, closing and loading, but it never worked so I had to start over from the beginning.

Can't even play the game. I'll keep trying in case it's an issue with my system but still would like to play...


is there a date to be full game or is this a give up?

ok been waiting 34 days D:

I absolutely loved this demo — though I didn't realize it was a demo, and when I got to the end and IM'd my friend, "GODDAMMIT IT'S A DEMO. AAAAAGH", he responded, "I think I heard that scream from here", because I'd been talking about this game and singing its praises for the entire hour I'd been playing it.

I adored this. The art is beautiful; the dialogue and characters feel both real and interesting. This game has a level of polish, finesse, and enjoyability that I'm not sure I've ever seen in a visual novel, and I am in love with it for that.

To give some more details as to how I felt about this game, some of what I had to say to my friend whilst playing it was:

"The characters and setting feel very realistic, and holy shit, everyone is so good-looking. And the guy who I'm hoping is gonna be the primary love interest, Ayumu, is so adorable and sweet and pleasant to be around…"

"I like Kim because he looks equally attractive whether you assume he's a man or a woman. People who are that perfectly androgynous are very rare and I loooove theeeem."

"Damn, Kim is a really realistic character… I mean, they all are, but usually people who make these games have no fucking clue how to portray the daily life and inner thoughts of an actual fucking adult. … [I]t's refreshing to play a game that feels like I'm looking at someone's actual life…"

"Shaaaane! Shane is so cute."

"Ffs Kim. How can someone have such a great smile AND such a great frown? … He actually looks really oddly sexy when he feels bad about something, because then he frowns and casts his eyes down to the right and I just want to hug him."

"Damn, whoever made these sprites is amazing."

"Wow, this conversation literally is almost making me cry."


Thanks so much for the kind comments on the art! I was really happy to see that you liked the sprites that much, hopefully once the full VN is out you'll also enjoy the other CGs!

I don't know what a CG is. ^^


I'ts short for "Computer Generated", but in VNs it's always used as a shorthand for those event scene illustrations you see every now and then. The demo should have had only one, but there are more in the completed story.

I don't really know what you mean by "event scene illustration" either. ^^" Could you explain further?


Generally speaking, visual novels are told through what looks like a puppet show, with sprites facing the reader or each other and a text box with their dialogue.

Particularly important scenes/events get a special illustration that's drawn specifically for that scene. I seem to remember that the demo here should have a scene with Marco and Ayumu on stage: that's the event scene in this particular demo. There are a few more in the complete game which were drawn already.


how much looooooooooonnnnnggggerrrr


any updates on the release ETA??


can you post a download link that a zip file for win? my computer cant open rar files, doesnt matter what i do

Just download WINRAR or something...

winrar doesnt work, nothing will open and i cant play the game


I really enjoyed the the demo for Dear & Mine, i can't wait for the full release!

do we have an updated ETA? oh my gosh X3

oh my gosh i'm having like yaoi withdrawal over here D: saaave me visser


when will the full game be released? :) gimme dat BL goodness


I'm done writing Ayu's route and now I need to write Marco's and Terry's ;)


eeek :D

please hurry, i love this game ..... i actually downloaded a demo..... i never do that because i think there nothing but a teas and i hate that so this should tell you how much i wanna play this.....ummm.... also can payin be optional..... i don't have a credit card


Holy shit, this was way more amazing than i was expecting and the characters have awesome potential! I love the snarky humor and kink shaming xD

I would definitely play the full thing and recommend this to others!

Its real, funny, hella gay, and just overall awesome!!!



ikr!!! waiting for the full game with bated breath


Thank you for the comment, I'm glad you're pumped up about my little game! I was sure I had replied but apparently not orz sorry about that