A much needed update

Hey folks!

First of all, apologies for the silence.

I'll skip the yada yada regarding my (many) personal issues and go straight to what you want to hear: release and future plans.

My original schedule looked something like this:

  • demo for Dear and Mine
  • full version of Scratches and Bites, the prequel
  • full version of Dear and Mine

Since S&B focuses on the past relationship of Kim and Terry, which is so important to Kim in D&M, the schedule made sense from a storytelling point of view. But the assets for S&B are not done yet, which means I'll have to change my plans and focus on D&M for the time being if I want to release something soon.

The main problem that halted the development of D&M was an update to the engine I'm using, which messed up the whole demo. Position of sprites and buttons, transitions, font sizes... reverting to an older version didn't help.

So what are my new plans?

  • remake the demo (and fix a couple of errors that people found)
  • edit the routes and have them proofread
  • use the powers of drag and drop to finalize D&M

ETA? I want to be realistic, since I'm working on it solo. Q4 2017, Q1 2018. I might use the July Yaoi Jam to cram my work during the summer.

Thank you for your interest in my little story and the constant support despite the delay.

I hope I will be able to deliver!

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Are we still looking at Q1 2018?

So are we looking at Q4 2017 or Q1 2018?

Finally!!! :)

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This page is my first time learning of Scratches & Bites, which in turn is how I realized that the titles taken together are an anagram of BDSM. That explains so much.

I also didn't know about the prequel, and I am so happy about it because I want to know all about Kim and Terry's relationship!

Yaaaay!! I'm super looking forward to this!!

:O you're not dead!!!