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While being God's host makes you an unstoppable force of nature, it doesn't save you from politics.

Lacie comes from a world without colors, where fire is seen as the enemy and the mountains are a dangerous place, too far away from salt water.
She is spirited away as a child after becoming the host of Ara, the Twin God.

Tradition wants the host of Ara to be the ruler of the homonymous city; when Lacie is back after ten years, she becomes the princess of a land she can't call her own anymore. Her peaceful days are over as soon as King Jarl seeks to reunite the Divine Twins and become the host of both.

Crown Prince Jair, nicknamed The Widower, is sent by King Jarl to marry Lacie. She can't outright refuse him without causing a war... but she can thwart the King's plans by marrying someone else first.

Whos is right for her, the silent prince sent as a hostage to the castle or the gentle entertainer? And what about the advisor that always watches over her?

Check out the devlog for sneak peeks and updates on the full version!

The old version of the demo is currently OFFLINE.
A new demo (coming soon!) will feature:

  • The 10 scenarios of the common route, improved and expanded
  • An overhaul of the quest system and more choices!
  • Around 1h playtime and 3 CGs
  • Now in 720p!

The full version will include:

  • 2 GxB routes and 1 GxG route! 8 endings in total
  • NSFW scenes (skippable)
  • More CGs, more choices!

The art is made by the amazing Yagot! Send her some ♥

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