(Not really weekly anymore) update 3: progress!

Welp, that weekly update thing didn't work out in the endfear not, as I have a substantial update today for Sinking!

What happened to you?
Life happened.

How's the game going?

Keep in mind this is all for the demo:

Writing & proofreading: 100%
GUI: 90% You can see in the screenshots attached that I changed the GUI's art style. I'll update the look of the webpages as I go!
Art: 100%
Backgrounds: 100%
Music: 90%
Scripting: 7% Switched engine and it's going smooth.

What about the poll results?
An overwhelming majority of you (88%!) want NSFW scenes in Sinking, and they will be included in the full version!

Do you need beta testers?
I'm looking for around 5 people willing to play the beta version and answer a survey for me. The demo should be from 1h to 1.5 hours of playtime. Are you interested? I'll officially start looking for them in around 1 week, so look for my next post!

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