The demo is online!

The Windows demo of Sinking is finally online! (A Mac version will be available soon™)
Get it on the here!
Special thanks to Ami and to Gaming in Pajamas for their feedback!

What are your plans for the full version?
Before finishing Sinking I want to focus on Dear and Mine, my BL visual novel that got wrecked by an engine update and I had to put on hold. I also plan to release a small kinetic novel, Scratches and Bites, the prequel of D&M.

I already started working on the character routes of Sinking and I already know that I will need more sprites, more outfits and more CGs. While I know how the routes will go, I still have to write them. They're a surprise for me as well! I'm really excited to see how Lacie's story will continue, since I created her and her world back in 2011. She's old :P

I plan to release the full game for free. If you want to support the development, you can donate to my Ko-Fi (it's totally optional!)

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Jan 12, 2018

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I was glad to help! I look forward to seeing both Sinking and Dear and Mine in the future. I didn't realize that Dear and Mine had to be put on hold because of an engine issue. I enjoyed the demo for that game as well. Best of luck, fighting!

Thanks! :D
Yeah, an engine update broke the GUI and the textwrapping of D&M. Further updates broke the folder system, I need to remake the whole thing before working on new material ^^'