Weekly update 6: progress and woes!

The release of Utapri has slowed down the writing a bit, but it's still going steady! 
Above you can see the structure of one scenario, that changes according to the choice made in one of the demo's quests. Inside the branches I included a nestled choice that can give either a CG or an affection point.
Which brings me to my main woe at the moment... the engine I use. I'm hesitant to invest more time in the current engine because of major load/save bugs discovered by users, and am considering switching engines. Coding will happen after at least one route is proofread, so it's not too urgent yet.

Here's my progress so far:
Kane's route: 10%
Kaya's route: 0%
Nell's route: 0%
Storybook scenarios: 2/3

If you played the demo and want to fill in a quick feedback survey, you can do so by clicking here :) a big thanks to everyone who filled it in already!

See you next week with another update and maybe some new art? :D

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