Bi-weekly update 7: Nell and other questions

My phone's camera really doesn't do justice to this beautiful sketch of Nell by Martina G! She is the one who made this wonderful watercolor group shot,  go check it out & give her some love :)

I am still collecting feedback on the demo (it takes only three minutes!) and I have seen some recurring points, so I want to address them here, in Q&A format.

What is in the demo?
The demo is a common route of sort. It's very short, about 1 hour, enough to get a general idea about the characters. Player choices are limited to quests, and that is by design. To make an analogy with some other games, you can see the demo as the first free chapter of mobile otome games, but longer. In the demo, the choices only determine whether the player is on Kane's route or Kaya's route. The jump to Nell's route is always available.

Is Nell's route a friendship route or a romance route?
It's a romance route!

What will change in the full version?
I plan to add one of the storybook scenarios I wrote to the very beginning of the game, to clarify the whole Ara/Ira situation and also explain why the B/W. It's common knowledge in the lore, but because it's common knowledge nobody talks about it.
The quests will receive some more polish and variables because their outcome is finally showed. Let's make an example. The very first quest gives rather straightforward options: accept the bribe and perform a funeral, or refuse to give special treatment to the Ritzes and use the money for a good cause. Lacie can purchase something very dear for her if she was bribed (in 2 routes out of 3, I wonder what that is...), and that opens up more choices.

Is the full version going to be free?
If you want to support me, you can buy me a coffee :)

What is the current progress?
I wrote 25% of Kane's route, and 2 storybook scenarios. I also added some polish to the world. Writing is going slow but steady, while my choice of engine is still a big question mark.
I added a settings menu to the 1.7 build in response to some complaints about the sound being too loud, the engine I use still has unstable save/load functions. I'm looking at other options right now, but it's still early. I first need to finish the script, and commission new artwork.

How many new assets will be in the full version?
Everybody will get new clothes! Kaya is not the special one with three outfits anymore. There will be new sprites as well, and of course CGs. The NSFW CGs vary by route: I can already say that Kaya will have a lot, Kane probably only 2, and Nell is in the middle.

Thank you for reading this Q&A! If you haven't already, please fill in my short feedback survey!

Give some love to Martina G. for the sketch and to Yagot for the game's art!
Wanna give me some love? Buy me a coffee :)

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