Monthly update 8: Kane, the α and ω

Instead of starting yet another project, I decided to focus my #NaNoRenO2018 efforts on Kane's route.
And I went overboard and split it in half.

After a small common portion of his route, you're presented with a choice that can deal a massive blow to his affection points, bringing you to his route's α path. If you did everything correctly before and you're still in the positive—or if you choose the other option—you're on his ω path. What's the difference?
The ω path, the one I just finished writing, is fluffier and softer. The α path (that I'll write after finishing Nell's route) is darker; Lacie is less of a nice person in it, and conflict is not resolved as peacefully.
Crown Prince Jair, Kane's older brother, is central in this split. I couldn't wait to have art about him ever since I started writing him, so you can see above a piece I commissioned to the wonderful Martina G.with the two side to side in their official uniform.

The first draft is around 40k words and it's only the common + ω path. I tend to expand my writing a lot when I revise, so it will probably grow.
On the topic of revising, I reworked the quests in the demo, added choices, rewrote some bits to keep them consistent with the world. As soon as I have updated art (more outfits for Lacie and Kane, and intro panels) I will update the demo as well.

I'm currently taking a break from Kane and I started to write Nell's route. I plan to complete it before going back to Kane's α path: there are certain fixed events that will happen in all the routes, but the way they happen differs greatly.

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