Weekly update 1


I plan to post weekly dev updates on the progress of the demoas a way to stay motivated myself as well. Because of my teacher training, I'm able to work on the demo in the weekends only, so progress will be slow at least until the end of July.

Writing & proofreading: 100%

GUI: 0% (my attemps were tragic at best, going to hire a pro)

Art: 100% (I have all the sprites, CGs and extra art I need, and I resized them all already)

Backgrounds: 75% (still looking for some backgrounds to oilify)

Music: 0% (I have a vast collection of royalty free music I can use, but I want to take care of it last)

Scripting: 5% (have some neat custom sprite positions + the first scene implemented already)

Here's a sneak-peek of the first scene!

See you next week :)

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